Takeover Avaatech XRF B.V.

Alkmaar/Dodewaard – It was announced this week that Alkmaar-based technology company Avaatech XRF B.V. is being taken over by Pieter van Duijn of Dodewaard-based De Linge Besturingstechniek. Due to the takeover, the Avaatech XRF Core Scanner will now be managed under one roof.

Pieter van Duijn

Analytical X-ray technology
Avaatech was founded in 2001 and specialised in developing, producing, installing and maintaining analytical
X-ray technology. Avaatech developed the XRF Core Scanner in collaboration with the Royal Netherlands
Institute for Sea research (NIOZ). This allowed NIOZ researchers to analyse sediment samples from the sea
bed, and thus collect information about developments inour climate. In the meantime, the XRF Core Scanner is
being used by research institutions all across the globe.

De Linge Besturingstechniek has always been responsible for software and service concerning the XRF Core
Scanner. The takeover means Avaatech scanners will now be managed under one roof. This will benefit users because extra opportunities for innovation will be created. The machines will be given a new operating system in the future, which will make scanners even easier to operate. The process for meeting user preferences will now also become easier and shorter.

About De Linge
De Linge Besturingstechniek specialises in automating machines for a variety of processes encountered in e.g. food production, water management and logistics. De Linge is responsible for designing, drawing, programming and realising solutions. The company creates complete packages, but is also deployed for all types of engineering and programming relating to control technology, which is De Linge’s main area of specialisation.

Note for editorial staff:
For further information, please contact general director Pieter van Duijn:
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